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How it works
Banner advertising on ROOTVG.NET is to acquire some funds to improve the not-for-profit website.

You can choose one of the following banner spec's:
1) Banner top frame page: 468x60 (widthxheight), rotating with other banners. Animated gif banners allowed. Max. ten rotating banner's in the top frame (using Javascript: 98% of the visitors have Javascript enabled). Every 30 seconds a new banner with link will show up.
2) Banner left frame page (in between of menu choices): 215(max)x215(max). Shows always (no rotation with other advertisers). Any format (Flash etc).
3) Banner main frame page (right of "pSeries & AIX News Selection"): 125(max)x400(max). Show always (no rotation). Any format.
4) Other pages: any size, any format.
I'm open for any other suggestions.


There are fourteen standard sizes for banner ads:

Size in pixels    Type of banner

468 x 60


Full horizontal banner

234 x 60

Half banner

88 x 31

Micro button

120 x 90


120 x 60


160 x 600

Wide skyscraper

120 x 600


125 x 125

Square banner

120 x 240

Vertical banner

180 x 150


300 x 250

Medium Rectangle

250 x 250

Square Pop-up

240 x 400

Vertical Rectangle

336 x 280

Large Rectangle

For the top frame banner: if you want the advertisement to show up one out of ten times: 1*50=50/month; five out of ten times: 5*50=250/month, etc., excl. tax (tax only applies for the Netherlands).
Other banners (left frame and main frame, other pages) cost 50/month excl. tax (tax only applies for the Netherlands).
Payment for now has to be done using an international check, bank wire transfer,EU IBAN payment or using PayPal, it's secure (and they have more than 25 million members). 

Unique visitors from January 2002 to January 2004: 740.000+.
Prognose for 2006: 120.000+ unique visitors (around 2500 unique visitors/week).

From January  24, 2002 visitor statistics are collected using eXTReMe Tracking. Click on the symbol to see the visitors/hits statistics of ROOTVG.NET.  

Around January 18, 2002 the Stats4all visitor track service - http://www.stats4all.com  - has received multiple serious Denial Of Service Attacks ... (they don't allow adult sites anymore ...). They were not able to count the correct number of visitors for weeks. 
Stats4all ROOTVG.NET statistics from April 2001 untill January 18, 2002

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