A   L o o k   I n s i d e   t h e   R e g a t t a
Contribution of Sven Volk

MultiChip Module) packaging places up to eight POWER4 processors onto a package that fits in the palm of a hand (8.5x8.5 cm).


Level 3 Cache Module
is on a separate chip. A separate functional unit, referred to as the Fabric Controller, is responsible for controlling data flow between the L2 and L3 controller for the chip and for POWER4 communication.


part of the open CEC
 (Central Electronics Complex) without AMD (Air Mover Device) the big black are the real MCM's. The big white are the Pass Through Modules. The small black are the Level 3 Cache. In the middle of the Board is the place for the Central Clock Card


The shipping-box for the MCM.
Ooops, is this a Bomb ???