2 7   Y E A R S   O F   I B M   R I S C

I always wanted to know more about the IBM RISC processors. But I never knew where to start ... All information is on the internet, is it ... So some months ago I started collecting information. Just to tell you: it is rather technical: a chronological summary of technical highlights in 27 years of IBM RISC history, starting with the 801, and ending with POWER4. I also added information on the development of AIX. After all, without a good operating system and software a computer is worthless. With each highlight I added lots of interesting links (it would take you months to read all the information behind these links ...). If you want more specific information on RS/6000: Machine Type Models and the IBM Sales Manual US will be of help. When using information we kindly request referencing ROOTVG.NET
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